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  • Packaging printing ink color allocation skills

    In the process of packaging printing, no matter what kind of printing, multicolor or monochrome printing, the primary problem encountered before printing is the allocation of ink color, so often have to choose and allocate ink color. The allocation of ink color is the most important part in printing. The true reproduction of color directly affects the product quality and market share. In some large-scale enterprises, they not only have special dispensers, but also should do their best to satisfy customers. Below for you to explain how to mix ink color skills, to improve the quality of ink. Today, China paper network editor from the ink printing, detailed introduction of the relevant content.

  • Dongguang carton packaging machinery manufacturing industry to achieve triple jump

    In the 9th China · Dongguang carton Machinery International Exposition held recently, more than 10,000 merchants from more than 30 countries including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, India and Iran participated in the negotiation. Within three days, the turnover reached 630 million yuan. As one of the pillar industries of the county, Dongguang carton packaging machinery manufacturing industry, now the sales revenue has reached 6 billion yuan.

  • The 11th China · Dongguang Carton Machinery International Fair

    China · Dongguang Carton Packing Machinery International Fair, founded in 2008. The first exhibition covers an area of 5000m2, with 44 exhibitors, 800 visitors and a total turnover of 60 million yuan. By 2017, 10 sessions have been held successfully. After ten years, from a booth type exhibition, the development of domestic * with scale, * one of the influential professional * industry exhibitions. Compared with the first session, the area of the booth, exhibitors, visitors and the total amount of the booth increased by 5 times, 6 times, 24 times and 11.5 times respectively. It has played an important role in the innovative development and transformation and upgrading of packaging machinery industry in our county



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