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Dongguang carton packaging machinery manufacturing industry to achieve triple jump

In the 9th China · Dongguang carton Machinery International Exposition held recently, more than 10,000 merchants from more than 30 countries including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, India and Iran participated in the negotiation. Within three days, the turnover reached 630 million yuan. As one of the pillar industries of the county, Dongguang carton packaging machinery manufacturing industry, now the sales revenue has reached 6 billion yuan.

At present, Dongguang county has more than 400 carton packaging machinery related enterprises, employing more than 30,000 people. Formed corrugated board production line, carton molding and printing equipment, carton machinery parts consumables three product series, can produce a full set of cardboard, carton processing equipment, complete machine products more than 50 kinds, the products occupy the domestic similar scale enterprise product 80% market share, the product sales to more than 60 countries and regions. In terms of group size, product specifications, market coverage, product cost performance, etc., it is one of the leading industrial clusters in the domestic industry. Last year, Dongguang was named as "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Innovative Packaging Machinery Industrial Park" and approved to build "National Famous Brand Creation Demonstration Area" and "Hebei Famous Brand Creation Demonstration Area", achieving cangzhou city national and provincial famous brand demonstration area zero breakthrough.

From the initial production of simple carton packaging machinery cutting tools, to now can produce and sell tens of millions of yuan of high-end automation complete sets of equipment, dongguang carton packaging machinery manufacturing industry has experienced three stages of development from "manufacturing" to "quality" and then to "intelligent manufacturing". In the early stage of industrial development, due to the low threshold and fierce competition, the industrial development encountered problems. In the face of these situations, the county has organized entrepreneurs to study, visit and train in other places, established quality awards, formulated local industry standards, strengthened industry supervision and other measures, and guided enterprises to take the road of "quality" to win by product quality. After 2010, dongguang carton packaging machinery industry ushered in the a revolution, the county focus on research and development support to enterprise full computer program-controlled carton machinery, large complete sets of mechanical equipment with independent intellectual property products, such as enterprise independent research and development of a number of patented technology used in the manufacture of products, on the path of "smart". Currently, dongguang carton packaging machinery industry has formed a complete industrial chain system, from the high, medium and low speed cardboard production line to high, medium and low speed carton printing molding equipment, ranging from all kinds of spare parts to all kinds of materials, and created a batch of domestic advanced level of quality brand-name products, basically achieved product seriation, mechanical and electrical integration, function integration.

To promote the carton packaging machinery industry transformation and upgrading, the county has established the packaging machinery industry area, industry promotion, production processing, supporting service area and business incubator four functions in one, set up the conference and exhibition center, testing center, r&d center, logistics center, training center, processing center, business center and financial services. At the same time, according to the idea of "centralized enterprise layout, industrial cluster development, intensive resource utilization and function aggregation construction", it will create a new engine for innovation and upgrading of packaging machinery industry and an industrial cluster area for high-tech packaging machinery enterprises. Dongguang strategic cooperation with Beijing printing institute, also set up packaging dongguang county industrial technology research institute and academician workstation and doctor workstation cooperation intention, the two sides through system innovation, the enterprise operation mechanism, realize the integration of scientific research and industry, to develop packaging machinery achievements of key technology research and development, technology transfer and incubation, high-end technology talent training base.


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